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Track Adjusters

Maintaining proper track tension is critical for achieving satisfactory track life. At F&L, we adopt OEM standards from material purchasing all the way to packing.


We design and manufacture excavator buckets according to specific working conditions of the machine, and every bucket is with a unique production ID No. for tracking.

bucket teeth

We invest a lot in material research, to ensure longer life of the bucket teeth and less machine down time. Our alloy steel is with scientific proportion of elements like Si, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al etc., highly wear resistant.


All idlers at F&L are induction-hardened on the tread for a long life (induction depth: 3 to  7mm), and SCMn3A is used as the material for roller body.

dozer rippers

We supply an extensive range of bulldozer ripper. Our popular models includes but not limits to D5, D6, D8N, D8R, D8T, D8L, D8K, D9L, D9H, D9N, D9T, D9R, D9T, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11N, D11R, D50, D155, D275, D355, D375, D475 etc..

chocky bars

As a cost-saving solution for superior wear and impact resistance, F&L provides a wide range of bimetallic wear products, including (but not limited to) chocky bar, wafer strip, solid strip, wear button and wear donut.


We use high quality alloy steel SCMn3A or 42SiMnCr for sprockets, and 35MnB material for segment groups.  External tooth profiles are deep induction hardened for maximum durability. 

booms and sticks

F&L works with a technician team that has participated in OEM boom & stick projects of Kobelco. We know which part of the product takes more force during operation, and we design the structure scientifically, have strict standards of steel material & thickness for each part. 

cutting edges

F&L offers a wide range of ground engaging tools, including side cutter, bulldozer cutting edge & end bit, grader blade and end bit, loader edge etc. Material is 30MnB boron alloy steel or Carbon steel.

track group

Track links are made from high quality alloy steel 35MnBH, using advanced machines, including 1600Ton, 2500Ton and 3150Ton hot-die forging press (Russia), HASS machining center (America) & MAZAK machining center (Japan). 


We purchase 40MnB from high quality steel plant for track roller body. After quenching, medium frequency induction hardening and tempering, reaching an ultimate surface hardness at 53-58HRC

Wear Parts


At F&L, 80% of our products are from OEM factories directly, so you’ll get exactly the same parts which are delivered to OEM market, as well as to some prestigious Italian and Korean brands. Behind each product we sell, there’s a professional supporting technician team... 



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