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Cutting Edge

At F&L, we supply a wide range of ground engaging tools for excavators, bulldozers, loaders, graders etc.


Our material is fully heat treated manganese boron alloy steel, or high quality carbon steel. They are suitable for normal applications, as well as mining conditions of high abrasion and impact.


We manufacture according to OEM, but also take custom designs. Besides different options for width, thickness & length, we also support various profiles, including square edge flat, single bevel flat, double bevel flat, double bevel curved, serrated, half-arrow, and more.


Here are the products that we cover: weld on cutting edges, bolt on cutting edges, excavator cutting edges, excavator side cutters, bulldozer blades (bulldozer cutting edges), bulldozer end bits, bulldozer side cutters, grader blades, grader end bits, loader edges, loader end bits, wear plates, base edges, and more.


Our products are exported to several industry-leading brands in the US & Spain, quality is very well ensured.

cutting edge models
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