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Boom & Sticks

F&L works with a technician team that has participated in OEM boom & stick projects of Kobelco®. We know which part of the product takes more force during operation, and we design the structure scientifically, have strict standards of steel material & thickness for each part. When the boom & stick set is in standard size (i.e., not long reach etc.), all hoses and oil pipes used are purchased from OEM supplier. Also, we have rich project experience in manufacturing large boom & stick, including CAT385, PC800 and ZX870.  


  • Material: Q345B & Q690D etc. They are with good mechanical properties, perform well in wear resistance, welding performance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and low temperature impact toughness.

  • Production: At F&L, we use advanced Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine, large boring machines, specific machines of lathe, press & bending, all together ensuring high process accuracy. Also, instead of carbon dioxide, liquid argon is used as welding gas, which is with higher stability of electric arc, ensuring higher quality of welding shape and strength.

  • Treatment: Hydraulic tubes all go through pickling phosphating treatment, keeping the tubes clean, reducing any chances of rusts inside pipes which may danger the hydraulic pump and cylinder. Also, boom & stick are sandblasted, so welding concentration is effectively eliminated.

Here are some popular models for your reference:

Caterpillar: CAT320    CAT323    CAT324    CAT325    CAT329    CAT330    CAT336    CAT345    CAT349    CAT385    CAT390

Komatsu: PC200    PC210    PC220    PC240    PC270    PC300    PC350    PC360    PC400    PC450    PC650   PC800 PC850

Hitachi: ZX200    ZX240    ZX250    ZX260    ZX330    ZX350    ZX360    ZX450    ZX470    ZX600    ZX870        
Hyundai: R200    R210    R215    R220    R225    R260    R265    R305    R375    R455            
Doosan: DH215    DH220    DH225    DH258    DH300    DH370    DH420    DH500                    
Kobelco: SK200    SK230    SK250    SK330    SK350    SK380    SK460    SK480                    
Volvo: EC210B    EC240B    EC290B    EC360B    EC460B    EC700B                            
Kato: HD820    HD1430    HD2045                                        
Sany: SY205    SY215    SY235    SY285    SY305    SY335    SY365    SY465                    

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