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Bulldozer Ripper

To cut through hard compact conditions, at F&L, we supply an extensive range of bulldozer ripper. Our popular models includes but not limits to D5, D6, D8N, D8R, D8T, D8L, D8K, D9L, D9H, D9N, D9T, D9R, D9T, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11N, D11R, D50, D155, D275, D355, D375, D475 etc..


All ripper shanks could be provided with ripper tips and shank protectors. Ripper shanks are of one-piece design, manufactured from the same alloy steel of OEM market, eliminating the weld joint and reaching a high tensile strength at around 1365 Mpa and a minimum hardness of HRC42. Ripper tips are available in various design (shape & size) to meet your specific application requirements. Shank protectors are casted from high strength Boron alloy steel, and mounted for extra wear protection.

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