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Track Adjusters

Maintaining proper track tension is critical for achieving satisfactory track life. Track adjusters are designed to absorb shock, provide proper track tension, hence protecting the track system. Weak recoil springs or poorly functioning adjusters may shorten the track life. At F&L, we adopt OEM standards from material purchasing all the way to packing.

  • Production: We follow OEM size & weight strictly, and more. For example, when a spring recoil diameter (dia.) is requested at 48mm, instead of using market existing steel bar with dia. of 48mm, we use larger diameter to process the size down to 48mm, as we know, no matter how good the raw material is, still, the metal structure at deeper layer will be better.

  • Recoil spring: Raw material is purchased from the same supplier of Caterpillar® OEM, the exact proportion of element Cr (Chromium) betters the steel performance.

  • Greasing fitting: The failure of greasing fitting would lead to oil leakage of the cylinder, cause the loss of high air pressure inside the cylinder (6 times higher needed), hence following the malfunction or even failure of track tension system, and this is a disaster to the whole undercarriage system. We use zinc coated greasing fitting, its lifetime is around 4000 hours, while a poor quality one only runs up to 500 hours.

  • The piston: Cr coating is crucial for good performance. Normally, the coating layer is around 0.015MM thick, but at F&L, we invest more to make it 0.025MM thick. And similar to what we do to the spring recoil, this 0.025MM is processed down from a coating at 0.05MM thick.

Excavator Track Adjutser
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