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Idler is the large wheel at the front of the track frame that holds the track chain in proper alignment while the machine is traveling.

  • At F&L, all idlers are induction-hardened on the tread for a long life. The surface hardness is 52-57HRC, the induction depth is designed scientifically, varying from 3mm to 7mm.

  • Roller body material is SCMn3A, which is the same high-strength steel that is adopted in OEM factories in Japan.

  • Roller shaft: We invest 40% more to machine the surface roughness to Ra 0.2-0.4, much higher standard than Ra 0.8 or above.

  • Seal kits: We invest 30% more, adopting high quality seal kits that with 2% of Mo (molybdenum) in the material, the lifetime is around 5000 hours, which is 2000-3000 hours longer than usual.

  • Bi-metal copper bushing: Copper layer is as thick as 0.6mm, rather than 0.4mm or thinner, and lifetime is 5000 hours, which is at least 2000 hours higher than usual.

  • Lubricant oil: We use SAE85, ensuring the well function of idlers at temperature -40℃ to 110 ℃, that is to say, the oil would not freeze at cold working conditions nor resolve at high temperature.

  • Forging Idlers are available for following models: CAT312,CAT320,CAT325, PC200-5, PC300-5,SK200,EX200-1/3/5, ZX210,ZX200,EC210, EC290,EC360. Compared to Casting Idlers (i.e.,conventional idlers), forging idlers are 30% longer in lifetime, also weighs lower.                                                                                                

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